My Zalora Shopping Experience 

Hey! 🙂

   Welcome back! I’m no Influencer on Youtube or Facebook, not even on Instagram or Twitter. But people can make reviews on blogs right? Heh

  Anyhoo, tons of people nowadays don’t believe in the safety of online shopping because of scams, con-man and false advertising. But there are people out there who shop online till they drop. 

   If you really wanna shop online, I am telling you, I’m practically addicted to Zalora right now. I even bought my prom dress from Zalora. 

It’s a lace panelled maxi dress that costs Rm 99, usually other girls rent their prom dresses or even buy the hella expensive ones, but I don’t have that kind of money, so, meh. 

I recently bought two more pieces from Zalora. I’m in love with Something Borrowed ( if you know the brand), it kinda is on the pricey side, but i’m currently jobbing ( not really a word, but im working) so i kinda can afford it. 

I bought an off-shoulder flutter sleeve top in the shade baby blue ( idk the name of the shade of blue, but it is quite pale like a baby blue ) I am currently obssessed with it ❤ 

Take note: I’m not a professional model for clothing. 

I also bought an ordinary basic swing top with flower prints. 

Not the best picture i have for it :’) The guy next to me is ma good friend. 

Another picture of me in my very comfy swing top ❤

I am usually very insecure about shopping online because i am afraid of all the scams. But honestly, ever since i actually bought something from Zalora, i was blown away by their speedy delivery and their methods of payment, for a person like me who hasn’t gotten her credit card, there’s even a cash-on-delivery method. 

      They don’t usually do restockings because they want to bring us new items that we would love more. They only have a limited amount of stocks, so one con about it is that you’d have to rush in making your decision whether you want that cute top or dress. 

I’m about to purchase more soon and i was thinking of doing a haul soon because i’ve never done one. 

P.S  I’m not promoting Zalora, this pretty much counts as a review. 

In conclusion, we can all trust Zalora’s online shopping website 😉 

     Have a smiley day ahead, everyday 🙂 

      And don’t forget, be rusty 😉 See you soon 


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