Valentines Day 

It is that time of the year where you’re either still single or you’re in a relationship. Either ways, there are tons, and i mean TONS of ways to celebrate it. Doesn’t matter if you’re single or together with someone. Valentines day simply means to show love and affection to others. With family and friends. 

     I woke up this morning for spring cleaning at my work place in Atria Shopping Gallery. All i could think of his waffles and ice-cream with the boyfriend ( because he said we’re celebrating Valentines day even though i said it’s fine even if we don’t because he’s in school and im at work). 

      The school we used to go to together has put on a leash on their lunch breaks, the school guards won’t let them out, and so i have to wait till 4pm. My friends are celebrating this affectionate day with their close family and friends, how lucky they are. Don’t get me wrong, i love my boyfriend. 🙂 

       We’ll be having waffles and ice-cream at the very famous ice-cream parlour, Inside Scoop. Quite pricey if you asked me, but on occassions like these, it’s pretty fancy compared to our usual movie dates. We had the buttermilk waffle together with the premium flavours, peanut butter cups ice cream and another scoop of chocolate cookie dough ice-cream. We had it for RM 17.50 in total. 

Then of course we took some pictures of us with the waffles. 

Whether you’re single or not, enjoy Valentines day to the fullest out there! I’m gonna celebrate it with my BFFL soon as well. 

     Till then, hugs and kisses to all my rusty buckets, Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ 

Stay Rusty 🙂       


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