What is failure to all of us? Well, for me, failure is when i put my effort and my best into an exam, and the grade on my exam papers is a G ( G stands for fail in secondary school exams in Malaysia ). 

If you’re wondering, i failed my SPM, period. I didn’t break down or cry my ass off because i knew it was coming, i was prepared and i expected it. When my friends found out that i failed History and only passed my Bahasa Melayu subjects. So when my friends found out that i failed History, they would come around me and comfort me, and the feeling of bursting out crying was welling up inside of me, but i had to hold them back. 

But i never thought of failing SPM as a super bad thing like a bad omen had fallen on me. I’ve always seen it as a stepping stone, and honestly, i prefer having the experience instead of always having things going super smooth in life. 

I will retake History and take up tuition for it to help me. And i know i will be more than fine, and by August i will be able to register for college. 

Don’t let your grades define who you are and what you can do. Anything can happen if you put your mind and soul to it. YOU can do it, good luck! 


Kai 🙂 


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