Innisfree Sheet Masks ✨

Hey! First of all! I apologize for being away 😦 But hey, i’m B-A-C-K! Woohoo! 

Anyways, here’s a review on Innisfree Sheet Masks! 

Firstly, they are the “Its Real Squeeze” series masks. Telling from the name ” Its Real Squeeze” term, it kinda logically means that the sheet masks are infused with the natural extracts of the fruit or plant. No presevatives or colouring whatsoever. Sure, there is fragrance, but it is naturally from the fruit or plant. 

Week 1 

Because it is sheet masks, i have to do it in weeks. 

After toning my skin, i unfold the sheet mask and carefully place it on my face, avoiding the eye and lip area. 

I chose to go with the rose mask first. It smells really good, like rose hah. 

I know, i look scary. ( who doesn’t?) 

After a good 15 mins, i took the mask off and gently pressed the excess goodness into my skin until its fully absorbed. 

Price for each sheet mask: RM 4

Fragrance: Mild and not overwhelming

Function: calms/soothes and moisturizes dry skin like mine. 

The next morning, my skin is clearer and smoother and less dry. 

According to price point, function and overall, i give it 5/5 stars ⭐️

Week 2! 

This week i used the black berry scented one, the texture from this mask is slightly different because it has a milky texture. 

This mask smells good as well, and because my skin is sensitive and dry and red, this takes the dryness away but i still see some red areas not cleared up. But overall, i see my skin clearer than yesterday and it feels great! 


Week 3! 


My dry/ sensitive skin broke out again, ugh

I love love love this mask, its really soothing for my skin and it takes most of the redness away. And the smell is beyond amazing! ✨ 

The next morning i saw great results! It really soothed the redness and irritation down. 

5/5 ⭐️

Week 4!

Green tea! 🍃🍵

This mask is surprisingly more watery than the others whereas other sheet masks have a more thicker fluid type of body.

The scent is amazing ( I mean, it’s GREEN TEA!) 

It definitely provides tons of moisture given the fact its so watery and all 💧

Definitely recommended if you’re skin is feeling dry like the desert 🌵 

Week 5! 

For tea tree, it smells like your typical tea tree scent, but this mask says to help improve skin probs! 

I’m not a huge fan of this mask, but it’s alright! 

Definitely give this a try, because what may not work for me, might work for YOU. 

And there it is! It’s only 5 masks so far, but i’ll definitely try my best to try every single sheet hahaha! 

And because Innisfree’s price is increasing effective 1st of June, i used my savings to stock up on tons of sheet masks! Hahah

Have a great day of pampering yourself and your loved ones! 

With love, 

Kai 🐰


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