It has been forever since i last posted. 

Im officially in college now because, yes, i passed my history during the retake. 

Here’s your college girl, picture courtesy of the best friend, Ser 💕

Im in college and im currently studying at Segi Subang Jaya. Im taking Diploma in Early Childhood Education also known as DECE. Im basically working my way to take care of yo babies, because i love children, i wanna help them as best as i can so that they’d grow into lovely human beings that the world needs right now. 

I manage to make a ton of friends during orientation day and im extremely grateful that i didnt end up alone and sad. 

Ive even manage to make good male friends in college which i thought i never would, to them, they think im a guy in a girl, a dude to them. 

Wewah ( first pic), is 17 this year, and ive honestly never heard a name like his, so its oretty interesting. He’s nice i guess, playful, but nice. He plays futsal/football, sings and plays the guitar like almost every typical guy does. Doesnt eat veggies like eric (boyfriend💕) and doesnt like spending money much. 

Jake here, is 19 this year, super nice too, and one of the great things about him is that he’s an actual figure skater in Malaysia. 

It was so cool to see him glide effortlessly on ice doing jumps and flips. And i was just always in awe. 

Jake is more senior like, very much kept to himself but still funny and nice. He likes blue i assume? He’s pretty much another older brother ive never had. 

We’ve also been doing sports together often, we went swimming, bowling, playing badminton and even skating. 

It feels productive after class because we arent tupically wasting our time sleeping and lazing around. 

We have lunch tgt as much as we can with each other after every class and thats just nice. 

Ive managed to find a best friend in school ( BFIS) named Jia wei, im so glad we managed to click well and get along with each other easily. I even bathe naked with her once this year and it was the most soothing, non sexual, bonding experience ever at this time of age. 

But even with college friends, i still managed to make some time for the old, but good friends 

I think thats all for now, till next time. 

Goodnight 💫

May your dreams and hopes be filled with glitter ✨


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