It’s already 2018?! Ive got nothing more to say but i do want to say, im happy. I’m happy ive got to see who’s with me and who’s not although i had to learn about it the hard way. I’m happy for myself because im blessed with wonderful things not many people get. And this … More 2018


It has been forever since i last posted.  Im officially in college now because, yes, i passed my history during the retake.  Here’s your college girl, picture courtesy of the best friend, Ser 💕 Im in college and im currently studying at Segi Subang Jaya. Im taking Diploma in Early Childhood Education also known as … More College 


What is failure to all of us? Well, for me, failure is when i put my effort and my best into an exam, and the grade on my exam papers is a G ( G stands for fail in secondary school exams in Malaysia ).  If you’re wondering, i failed my SPM, period. I didn’t … More Failure.


You are,  Strong, Brave,  Energetic,  Happy,  Beautiful on the inside and out, Kind,  Caring,  Blessed,  Loved by the people around you,  Passionate,  Crazy ( in a good way),  Different,  Sweet,  Cheerful,  Grateful,  Special,  Smart,  Aspiring,  Inspiring,  Strong-willed,  Emotional,  Sensitive,  Tall,  Short,  Imperfect,  Comfortable.  You are… YOU  I wrote this because i was thinking about all … More You

Valentines Day 

It is that time of the year where you’re either still single or you’re in a relationship. Either ways, there are tons, and i mean TONS of ways to celebrate it. Doesn’t matter if you’re single or together with someone. Valentines day simply means to show love and affection to others. With family and friends.  … More Valentines Day